Thermaltake Introduces UX200 SE ARGB Lighting Slim Side-Flow CPU Cooler Series With ARGB LED Fans

Thermaltake is a leading supplier of PC cooling solutions. Recently, it announced the launch of its UX200 SE ARGB Lighting Slim Side-Flow CPU Cooler Series. This new model has state-of-the-art ARGB LED fans and claims effective cooling performance in a stylish and slim design.

Slim and Stylish Design

The UX200 SE ARGB CPU Cooler Series offers a slim profile that helps the CPU cooler fit into various PC chassis sizes. It promises compatibility without compromising on its design. Additionally, its stylish design not only elevates aesthetics but also prevents heat retention.

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Thermaltake UX 200 ARGB Lighting CPU Cooler
Thermaltake UX 200 ARGB Lighting CPU Cooler – Image Credits [Thermaltake]

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Advanced ARGB LED Lighting

The UX200 SE ARGB is famous for Addressable RGB (ARGB) LED fans. It offers colorful and customizable lighting effects. Gamers can easily harmonize the lighting of the UX200 SE ARGB CPU Cooler Series with their other ARGB components. It helps in creating mesmerizing gaming or workstation setup.

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Super Cooling Performance

As evident from its name, the CPU Cooler Series implies unparalleled cooling performance. The air-flow optimizing features prevent heat accumulation and maximizes thermal efficiency. It is equipped with high-static pressure ARGB fans to keep temperatures low during demanding tasks.

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Easy Installation and Compatibility

Thermaltake ensures that users do not feel burdened while using their devices. Therefore, the installation process is as simple as operating any other device. Thanks to Thermaltake, we are liberated from complex mounting systems. Furthermore, the cooler’s broad compatibility promises effortlessly integration with the new CPU sockets from both AMD and Intel.

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Silent Operation and Durability

Its noise levels are as low as 26.5 dBA, ensuring a calm experience without any disturbance from noise. The inclusion of durable hydraulic bearing fans not only enhances performance but also doubles enjoyment. With reliable operation, it becomes a trusted cooling solution for users.

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Thermaltake UX200 SE ARGB is the perfect combination of performance, stylish design, cooling capabilities, and ARGB lighting. These features enhance the overall user experience.

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