The Finals is so well-optimized it will probably run on your Grandma’s PC

“The Finals” has achieved a huge milestone in the gaming community by proudly stating that it is so well-optimized that it will probably run on your grandmother’s PC. This strong claim isn’t just marketing bluster; it comes from the game’s innovative features that make it easier for everyone to play without sacrificing the fun. “Epic Games” is also a huge name in the gaming world and is a strong competitor but still in terms of its ease, The Finals ranks at the top.

The fact that The Finals works well with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 GPU is at the core of its great optimization. This is a really surprising discovery because the game isn’t just targeting the latest version of graphics cards; it’s targeting all graphics cards from the beginning of gaming history. Reports have come out that The Finals works perfectly on GPUs that are decades old, like the NVIDIA GeForce 7000 series and GeForce 8800 GT. This is an amazing example of how flexible the game is. 

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This surprising ability to work with older GPUs shows that The Finals is dedicated to breaking down barriers so that gamers of all ages can enjoy the action. The developers of the game, who are known for paying close attention to every detail, have made The Finals the perfect example of optimization. This means that even if your hardware is old, you can still enjoy the action-packed thrills without being limited by your hardware.

The Finals’ surprising features go beyond GPU support and into the world of CPUs. Other new games usually need the newest and most powerful CPUs, but The Finals is more reasonable and only needs the Intel Core i5-6600K processor. Even though it’s not the newest CPU on the market, this mid-range model has been a worker that works well for a wide range of games due to its perfect balance between speed and ease of use.

Everyone who has played games knows how important memory is, which is why The Finals only needs 12GB of RAM. Not only does this smart distribution ensure a smooth gaming experience, but it also keeps users from having to buy expensive memory updates, which is a common problem in today’s gaming world.

Additionally, The Finals don’t need a huge amount of storage space like most games do. It only needs 15GB on either an HDD or SSD, so players can play on older PCs without having to deal with huge downloads. So, if your grandmother has an old computer hidden in the closet, she might be able to get lost in the exciting world of The Finals. This would prove for sure that this game is perfect for all ages.

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