First Peek: Hyte’s Bonkers THICC Q60 CPU Cooler Has a Phone-Size Screen

Hyte, the lifestyle brand of PC maker iBuypower, has stolen the spotlight! The Bonkers THICC Q60 CPU Cooler comes with special features. You may be familiar with Hyte’s Y40 and Y60 chassis. This time, they’ve pushed their inventive abilities to the next level with the THICC Q60.

Hyte’s newest invention, The Bonkers THICC Q60 CPU Cooler, has special features. This gadget brings two innovations that have become the talk of the town. One exciting feature is a large screen, similar to a smartphone, that sits above your pump unit. The second is a cool way to connect fans and RGB strips in the series.

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A 5-inch IPS monitor with a 720 x 1280 resolution comes with the Hyte THICC Q60 AiO CPU cooler. You can adjust its tilt for better viewing angles. Interestingly, The screen’s body also has RGB “underglow” backlighting, which adds a stylish touch to the overall appearance of the case.

CPU Cooler With Phone
(Image Credit: Hyte)

You might wonder if this fancy feature will complicate the CPU cooler.

But not at all—The massive XXL size of the THICC Q60 allows for superior cooling capabilities, ensuring optimal performance for your computer components. Also, it’s an all-in-one liquid cooling system that’s more efficient than traditional air cooling. The THICC Q60 is the company’s debut liquid cooler. It features an IPS screen suspended above the CPU socket and a cooling block on the arm.

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 It is designed to be super-efficient at keeping your processor cool. And that’s important for getting the best performance out of your computer. So, no more worrying about system slowdowns and overheating issues. 

Hyte’s innovations show they’re unafraid to take risks and provide clients with top-notch performance. This cool gadget can deliver content creators and serious gamers a high-performance experience. 

THICC Q60 CPU Cooler by Hyte
(Image Credit: Hyte)

Apart from its remarkable performance, the THICC Q60 also boasts eye-catching visuals. It transforms the aesthetic appeal of any gaming setup with its slick design and exquisite attention to detail.

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It’s no wonder that Hyte’s THICC Q60 has created such a buzz at Computex. This extraordinary cooler is perfect for serious gamers, content creators, and users seeking peak PC performance. If you’re looking for an efficient cooling solution for your PC, the THICC Q60 by Hyte is worth considering.

Your gaming and computer experience will undoubtedly enhance by its XXL size and innovative all-in-one liquid cooling. Stay tuned for more updates and reviews on this exciting gadget!

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