GTX 1650 Still Most Popular GPU According To Newest Steam Survey

The gaming industry is buzzing with a hot topic: the GTX 1650 is still most popular GPU, according to the newest Steam survey. This news has surprised many and sparked conversations among gamers and tech enthusiasts. Even though Nvidia’s GTX 1060 has been popular for a long time, the GTX 1650 has now become the new winner.

Streaming hardware conducts constant surveys to observe user preferences, providing valuable insights into the gaming hardware industry. It is important to note that the data is collected on a voluntary basis, which means that fluctuations can be expected. However, it’s an optimal opportunity to find data from original users on a regular basis. 

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 The stream’s survey reveals that in November, GTX 1650 usage increased to 6.27%, while the GTX 1060 decreased to 5.77%. This makes the GTX 1650 a popular choice among stream users in the global gaming industry. It’s common that hardware results get changed with time and market evolution. 

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But what makes the GTX 1650 a popular choice?

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Nvidia launched GTX 1650 in April 2019. It has become a popular choice for users because of its affordability and incredible features as follows:

  • Offers Turing architecture and 4GB of GDDR5 memory
  • Impressive performance for 1080 gaming  
  • The GTX 1650’s power efficiency and low thermal output
  • Capable GPU for gaming needs at an affordable price

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The fact that the GTX 1650 is still in a leading position in the Steam survey might shock some people. It shows that even though new gaming hardware keeps coming out, older models can still be great. GTX 1650 has won in all aspects whether it’s reliability, affordability, or overall performance. 

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Now it’s time to see whether the GTX 1650 can maintain its foothold in the industry or if newer GPUs can diminish its popularity. Gamers are excited about the upcoming surveys to identify if there will be any change in the GPU trends. However, there are news that Nvidia’s New Budget Graphics Card Won’t Change Anything.

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