Erying Mini-ITX “Mobile On Desktop” Motherboards Now Get Intel 13th Gen CPUs, Up To 14-Cores & DDR5 Support

In an important step toward the future of computing, Erying has revealed that their newest Mini-ITX “Mobile On Desktop” Motherboards will come with the powerful Intel 13th Generation CPU. A seamless blend of speed, efficiency, and innovation is what this cutting-edge technology promises to bring to the user experience.

Using the Intel 13th Generation CPU by Erying is a massive change in the way computers work. Yet, this chip has unmatched computing power, allowing for faster performing multiple tasks, smoother processing, and lower energy use. This revolutionary product goes beyond the limits of standard computing and meets the needs of both individuals and businesses.

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Adding to the Intel 13th Gen skills is Erying’s improved power supply system, which improves both speed and energy efficiency. Additionally, this synergy improves system speed and helps make the computing ecosystem more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. A state where users and the environment both benefit.

Erying SKYLINE Mini-ITX MoDT Intel 13th Gen CPU

As a result, the Intel 13th Gen CPU becomes a powerhouse that opens up new ways to create content and play intense games. If users pair Erying’s superb graphics integration on their Mini-ITX processors with a display that improves all computer tasks, including making content or playing games, they can look forward to a visual feast.

Erying’s Mini-ITX motherboards have significantly faster processing, better graphics, and the most up-to-date networking choices compared to other brands such as ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock, and EVGA. Through two UDIMM DDR5 memory slots, support for CPUs from Core i5-13420H to Core i9-13900H, and a variety of I/O ports such as USB4 Type-C and dual Ethernet, Erying confirms its position as a leader in the mini-ITX motherboard market.


Erying’s SKYLINE MoDT ITX motherboards introduce a new age in computers. These processors promise to change the way you use a computer by combining power, speed, and new ideas in a stunning way. Included USB4 Type-C allows for external GPU units, showing that Erying is dedicated to keeping up with the latest technology.

The motherboard has two UDIMM DDR5 memory slots, a 6+1 phase VRM delivery, and a strong cooling system with a big aluminum baseplate. You can connect and output data using USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, USB4 Type-C ports, WIFI6, dual Ethernet ports, and many storage spots.

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