CORSAIR Launches the iCUE LINK Smart Component Ecosystem with New Fans, AIO Coolers, and More

Are you excited to know the news that CORSAIR launches the iCUE LINK Smart Component Ecosystem with New Fans, AIO Coolers, and More, and wonder whether this news holds any authenticity? The answer is yes, and this news is accurate because Corsair posted it on its website. 

Corsair, the leading computer parts and accessories manufacturing company tries to remain in the limelight in 2023 by launching innovative products with iCUE LINK Smart Component Ecosystem. iCUE LINK Smart Component Ecosystem is the most brilliant technology, allowing DIY PC building to be more accessible and much safer. With this technology, even beginners will quickly build their PC without hassle.

How Does the iCUE LINK Smart Component Ecosystem work?

iCUE LINK Smart Component Ecosystem is an ecosystem that connects different components in a chain. Each component consists of a built microchip controller connecting to its next component via a single cable. These connected components are directly linked to the system Hub, a controller box through a single connecting cable. This single cable serves as an interface between the motherboard and other components, such as CPU coolers and fan headers, and delivers power through its 6-pin configuration.

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Corsair introduces iCUE LINK RGB CPU Coolers, iCUE LINK QX RGB fans, and the iCUE LINK System Hub as their initial wave of products in the iCUE LINK Smart Component Ecosystem series. All these products are meant to provide a clutterless cable-free experience due to their ability to connect with a limited number of cables and connecting hubs. They even save much time in PC building; you don’t have to worry about putting the correct wire in the wrong slot. These feature RGB lightning in fans, AIO coolers, and many other unique features. 

Let’s briefly look into the features of the initial wave of products in the iCUE LINK Smart Component Ecosystem series


One of the initiative products by Corsair with iCUE LINK Smart Component Ecosystem. These CPU Coolers, including H100i, H115i, H150i, and H170i, offer robust cooling systems for high-end CPUs with their split flow copper plate and upcoming iCUE LINK QX RGB fans given below. They are available in 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, and 420mm sizes. They feature amazing RGB visuals and a clean look due to their hidden wirings, i.e., it is designed in such a way that their center, apart around the pump, looks wireless, and all connections are found at the end of the radiator.

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Despite their powerful cooling mechanism, they feature quiet operation and offer lifelong durability due to CORSAIR’s new Magnetic Dome bearings. These are available in two sizes, 120mm and 140mm, which spin at the rate of 2,400 RPM and 2,000 RPM, respectively. However, these fans offer amazing RGB visuals with 34 RGB LEDs on individual fans with easy customization with CORSAIR iCUE software. But Corsair equipped them with a digital temperature sensor for precise control and change lightning mode via newly iCUE LINK-exclusive Time Warp software.

Image Credit: Corsair

iCUE LINK System Hub

Serves as a system hub, i.e., a controller box for all. It comes in a size measuring 2×2 and can adjust at any place via its magnetic effects. Corsair claims that this small box efficiently manages to control 14 components and link them flawlessly. Although they come with QX RGB fans and RGB AIO CPU Coolers, you can buy them alone.

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At Computex, Corsair amazes all PC enthusiasts, especially the DIY PC market, with its newly launched iCUE LINK Smart Component Ecosystem with New Fans, AIO Cooler, and Mores, which are in line to release.

We must say this Corsair really makes a difference for DIY PC enthusiasts with iCUE LINK groundbreaking technology. As PC building would be very complex and time-consuming, iCUE LINK Smart Component Ecosystem features an easy DIY process with a clean and cable-free look that attracts more consumers to this market. Moreover, its demand will exponentially grow in the future due to the warranty offered by Corsair and upcoming products, including custom cooling components with iCUE LINK Smart Component Ecosystem will be available.

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