Computex: Cooler Master Shows Off Color-Changing CPU Cooler, 3D Vapor Chamber

Increasing workload or the high demands of running heavy games made the CPU cooler an essential component to cool down the system and maximize its performance. With that, cooler master showcases its innovative technology 3D vapor chamber in its new upcoming CPU cooler MASTER AIR MA824 stealth offers.

Typically, there is special software available all over the internet that tells you the system temperature and warns you to prevent overheating during intensive heavy tasks. But what if I tell you that with recent advancements, companies are trying to design such cool CPU coolers that change their color with the temperature change? Isn’t it exciting? I guessed yes because these lightning effects will not only indicate ‌temperature changes but also fulfill the needs of users who prefer RGB aesthetics in their pc builds.

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At Computex: cooler master shows off a color-changing CPU cooler, 3D Vapor Chamber, specifically designed for gaming enthusiasts and extreme overclockers. It changes its color to red and looks like ‌molten lava whenever it gets hot. This color change helps the enthusiast maintain CPU performance beforehand.

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3D Vapor Chamber Technology

Cooler masters have been working day and night to make their cooling systems efficient and how this technology makes a breakthrough in CPU coolers. In this 3D vapor chamber technology, a vapor chamber is filled with superconductive liquid coolant, which transforms into gas, i.e. vaporization occurs when heat generates and disposes of as much heat as possible. Yet it differs from the usual copper air cooler as the master air MA824 stealth has a horizontal base, vapor chamber and heat pipes, all connected in 3D architecture.

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Color Changing

Now users don’t have to rely on other third-party software during overclocking and running heavy games as this will generate a large amount of heat which might slow down system performance or sometimes cause an unusual shutdown. So this color-changing feature of MASTER AIR MA824 stealth will favor the users and protect them from damage. When the temperature rises above its maximum range, it turns into a glowy red-orange beast and turns black when it is cool. However, cooler masters haven’t provided the exact temperature at which color changes.

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Advanced Cooling and Other Features

The MASTER AIR MA824 stealth could handle up to 270 W TDP, making it a badass cooling solution. It consists of 8 heat pipes and an expanded nickel-plated copper base that helps to cool down the CPU even during intensive tasks. It also features a stealth design with a single fan that runs quietly and improves system performance by clearing 42mm of RAM.

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At CES, the cooler master said that the MASTER AIR MA824 stealth would be a great option to cool down ‌powerful processors like Ryzen 9 7900X and Intel LGA-1700. Cooler master makes this CPU cooler cool because it looks like molten lava during heavy workloads, although it is not even close to hot when touched. Later on, it becomes all aesthetically black within minutes. Another thing that makes it fascinating is its ability to fit in all cases and saves a lot of space. 

 The MASTER AIR MA824 is an upgraded version of the MA624 so you can expect its price to be around 200-250$.  It has also been reported that cooler master will showcase more CPUs at CES in 2024.

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