Asetek’s Liquid Cooling Technology Powers TEAMGROUP’s Highest Performing CPU Cooler To Date

In the world of growing technology, everyone needs exceptional cooling solutions in the computing industry. Asetek, a leading company in liquid cooling technology teamed up with TEAMGROUP a pinnacle memory and storage producer. This coordination produces TEAMGROUP’s most powerful CPU cooler to date, using Asetek’s revolutionary liquid cooling technology.

CEO Statements

“When we decided to create our most advanced CPU cooler ever, we teamed up with Asetek because of their highly regarded liquid cooling technology,” said TEAMGROUP. “Our T-FORCE SIREN GA360 AIO will deliver an incredible visual experience to gamers and enthusiasts, while also ensuring excellent cooling, low noise levels, and the reliability that Asetek liquid cooling is renowned for.”

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John Hamill, Chief Operating Officer at Asetek, expressed excitement ‘’when TEAMGROUP, a prominent manufacturer in gaming memory, approached them to collaborate on developing their most innovative CPU cooler.’’

CPU Cooler

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Efficient Cooling Systems

The demand for work is increasing among gamers, content creators, and enthusiasts; resulting in higher heat loads in their systems that require efficient solutions. Therefore, considering the demand, TEAMGROUP and Asetek worked together to develop a CPU cooler that sets a new benchmark.

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CPU Cooler’s Features

The CPU cooler features the most powerful cooling technology, including a powerful pump, durable tubing, and a radiator. Additionally, the CPU cooler ensures that heat transmits from the CPU to the liquid coolant. This helps in enhancing stability and performance even during demanding workloads.

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Enhanced Design

Its outstanding performance doesn’t compromise on design. It incorporates a sleek and modern appearance that elevates the overall look of any system. Additionally, customizable RGB lighting amplifies your enjoyment as you can personalize the cooler according to your preferences.

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The partnership between TEAMGROUP and Asetek has resulted in an efficient CPU cooler. Liquid cooling technology is expected to be available in the market this year. It will be big news for gamers and enthusiasts as it will deliver impressive performance, efficiency, and style, all in one.

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