Techz Gaming was created when our Technical SEO Specialist, Zain Zameer, realized he could turn his passion into a profession. He helped many of his friends who were PC-building and gaming enthusiasts with his limitless expertise. He wanted to do this on a large platform, which he had been doing for a long time and loved.

Zain understands that not everyone has the time to do their research and read hundreds of reviews. People often buy products based on recommendations from friends or trends without conducting their own research.

So Zain discussed this idea with his friend, who has had a keen interest in tech and gaming and writing tech content for years. After conducting extensive research for hours and days, they discovered the perfect keyword and developed the concept for Techz Gaming. 

Why should you choose us?

The concept of Techz Gaming is to provide the best recommendations based on honest reviews. It aims to guide and address users’ inquiries about various technology products, including motherboards, laptops, gadgets, and processors. Not only this! Through Techz Gaming, you can learn, educate others, and find and purchase your favorite gadgets

Although Techz Gaming is a newly established blog focused on technology and gaming, it is backed by experienced individuals. All the reviews, guides, and information on this platform are based on authentic and reliable sources with years of experience. We are committed to publishing high-quality content and establishing trust in this platform.

To enhance user experience, we provide a dedicated comment section where you can provide honest feedback and suggest topics you’d like to learn about.

Meet The Team

Currently, our team consists of one writer and one SEO specialist who are testing all gadgets, as Techz Gaming is a new project. However, we plan to expand our team and recruit more members as the platform grows.

Zain Zameer

Zain Bin Zameer

Technical Expert, especially in Motherboards, Graphics Cards, CPU Coolers, RAMs, CPUs, and Tech Gadgets

Zain Zameer is a Tech SEO specialist from Pakistan. With a background in mechanical engineering, he has over a decade of experience in programming. As a gamer, he has been passionate about PC-building since childhood. He loves to travel and enjoys watching movies in his spare time. 


Google IT Support Certificate
IBM Technical Support Professional Certificate

Huda Mukhtar

Content Writing & Graphic Design Expert

Huda is a content specialist, editor, and writer from Pakistan. Huda has a passion for writing about technology and the latest gadgets. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, playing video games, and doing graphic designing. 

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